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Essential Oil Gift Set - Wellness


Woolzies Essential oil blends are 100% natural, vegan, and contains no toxins, synthetics, fragrances, parabens or dyes.


  • Wellness set is specifically designed to address your physical as well as emotional health.
  • The carefully blended oils in this set support the immune system, help clear nasal congestion and keep the germs away.
  • Germ fighter blend- Whether it’s keeping your hands clean, or warding off seasonal threats going around the office or school , Germ-Fighter will give you that extra protection you need in addition to it’s pleasing aroma!
  • Cold stopper blend-Colds are one of the most common illnesses and can leave you feeling miserable. These blends of essential oils will not only help your body to fight the viral cause of colds, but can also ease congestion, coughing, headache, nasal congestion and other annoying symptoms. Immunity blend- Immunity essential oil blend is specifically designed to support the body’s natural defenses