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UPDATE:  Friends, KSG will be closed Fri 6/18 & Sat 6/19.  All orders between 6/18 + 6/21 will be processed Tues, 6/22 when the shop reopens.
Thank you for your understanding!

Kindred Spirit Gifts is a woman-owned small business set in a cozy 250 square foot shop.  

Our mission is to share our passion for gifts with a sense of humor and a sense of gratitude.  

We take great care in selecting our items and strive to carry gifts that give back. 

Many of our items are made in the USA and our candles and skincare/fragrance products

are all-natural & cruelty-free.  

By combining carefully curated items and a visually inspiring brand and location,

Kindred Spirit Gifts will provide an intimate customer experience not found in chain stores.

We can't wait to meet you!

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